'Venom 2' Lands 'Once Upon a Time' Cinematographer 
Robert Richardson, the three-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer, has signed on to shoot 'Venom 2.'
The Hollywood Reporter
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Walt Disney, Stanley Kubrick, & Stan Lee Join VFX Hall of Fame
The Visual Effects Society is inducting the three creatives this year, for their significant contributions to VFX enhanced storytelling. 
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Tobey Had to 'Beat an Old Lady with a Stick' for the Infinity Gauntlet
Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker comes through for Captain Marvel in this 'Endgame' fan edit.
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Mary Jane Becomes Venom in New Variant Cover
The stunning cover for 'Venom' #19 will be available in October.
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Marvel to Bring Back the Die-Cut Cover for JJ Abrams' 'Spider-Man' #1
The variant – and the other covers – will all be published on September 18th.
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