'Mortal Kombat' Movie Fills out Its Roster 
Mehcad Brooks, Tadanobu Asano, Sisi Stringer and Ludi Lin will play Jax, Raiden, Mileena, and Liu Kang respectively.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Directors & Stars Drop Quotes on Batch of New Must-See Films
'Joker,' 'It: Chapter Two,' 'The Irishman,' 'Ad Astra,' 'Gemini Man,' 'Jojo Rabbit,' 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,' and more
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Quiz: Match the Joke to the Disney Character
Some Disney characters are better at telling jokes than others...
Disney Wiki
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‘The Boys’ S2 Premiere Will Be 'Bigger' and 'Better'
Seth Rogen and Evan Golberg tease new details for the next season.
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" The challenges came from constructing the narrative mainly through the action. It was a constant search for the correct rhythm "
'GoT' editor Tim Porter on crafting 'The Long Night' 
The Hollywood Reporter
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Things Get Super Cringey in 'Zombie Tidal Wave' Trailer 
From some of the minds behind 'Sharknado' comes an all-new disaster: 'Zombie Tidal Wave.' 
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Neil Gaiman to Produce 'Gormenghast' Fantasy Series at Showtime
The project, which is based on the books by Mergyn Peake, hails from Gaiman, 'Doctor Who' writer Toby Whithouse and 'Picard' EP Akiva Goldsmith.
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Geralt's Voice Actor Isn't Feeling the New 'Witcher 3' x Henry Cavill Mod 😂
'How dare they mod out my perfectly facial captured image of Game Geralt ... but I giggled a bit,' says Doug Cockle
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Poll: Who's the Most Chilled out Wizard/Witch in 'Harry Potter?' 
Who would you hang out with on National Relaxation Day? 
Harry Potter Wiki
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Sophie Turner Reveals What She Thinks Happened to Sansa Post-S8
'I don't see her getting married or having children. She'd die of old age, very happy.'
Digital Spy
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