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Players Can Now Reserve Their Name in 'World of Warcraft Classic'
Log in and reserve your server, character class, race and name before the relaunch later this month
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Fan Is Building an 'Overwatch' x JRPG Crossover in Workshop
'Fantasywatch' would be an original story with battles in JRPG style, voiced dialogues and more. 
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Poll: What Class Do You Think Hero 32 Should Be?
With the addition of Sigma, what class do you think the next 'Overwatch' hero should be?
Overwatch Wiki
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Blizzard Seems to Have Lost Interest In StarCraft
In a recent Activision Blizzard financial report, it appears the StarCraft series may be on hold.
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Activision Blizzard Hauled in $800M off Microtransactions for the QTR
Activision championed 'Black Ops 4,' despite many in the community declaring it had the worst microtransactions.
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These Are the Decks to Try on Day One of 'Saviors of Uldum' 
Though it is obviously too early to know what the best version of each deck will eventually be, we at least know which archetypes to expect.
Dot Esports
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New Card Might Make 'Hearthstone’s Warlock Class Relevant Again
The game's Warlock class has seen better days, but a new card from the upcoming 'Saviors of Uldum' expansion might just change that.
Kotaku UK
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